Rock your own lane……🙌🙌

Rock your own lane……🙌🙌 (2Cor 10:12)

Sometimes, those who look down or even look up to others think some people are better than them. And that word ‘better’ tells you that there’s some sort of basis for comparisons to be made.

This is not wisdom because you will never be another, neither will anyone else be you, so it’s completely useless to compare. In reality, each individual’s experience and circumstance are unique.

If you find yourself at the receiving end of such folly, you ought to know that the person you are considering is ‘better’ than you is already flawed in thinking.

If you admire what someone else has, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing admirable about you too. God’s plan is for each person to be unique in personality and ability.

Be comfortable in your own space and don’t allow another’s negative energy in because what you celebrate is what will appreciate for you. You are complete, there’s nothing to be added to you, you only need to make the best of who you are.

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