Give as you have….

What you give is not determined by what people want from you but what you have with you. God doesn’t call you to give what you don’t have . The trick of frustration is to try to get you to give or think what you need to give is beyond you. Silver and gold have I not, but such as I have I give (Acts 3:6)

What do you have? If people ask for what you don’t have, then that’s not your place of service. Don’t be distracted or sidelined by what people put before you. You need to be aware of what you are equipped with. Where do you have grace? What are your abilities? What is in your hands? What is your capacity?

What you have is what you give. There are differences of services and ministries. There are different needs in people’s lives and God has appointed us to serve in different capacities.

Except you seek rewards from men, your focus should be the judicious use of what has been given to you. It is worthy to dream of greater projects, however that should be an expansion of current ones and not at the neglect of present responsibilities or waste of current resources.

God will always expand the capacities of faithful stewards.

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