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I am Tiwa Soriyan (TS). I function in multiple roles as a Teacher, Counsellor, Encourager, Mentor and Personal Coach, with a special focus on individual wholeness and purposeful living. My passion is to see people at the best of their personal and productive potential and to help broken lives become whole. My mission is to help people realise who they are and what they have to fulfil their God ordained destines.


TIWASORIYAN’s Blog offers enlightenment and encouragement for a fully functional and fulfilling life; that is: I want to help you live and give the best of yourself. Here, you’ll find inspiration and direction to help you on your journey in discovering who you really are and finding your place for productivity and fulfilment. Posts are in three major categories:

Life Purpose (who you are, your gifts, your callings and finding your place in life);

Life Encouragement (solutions, directions and help in times of despair and confusion)

Journey mercies (where I share some of my personal encounters that I believe you will find useful).

Thank you and I look forward to interacting with you here and beyond.



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