LiteWednesday: Success

It can really be frustrating at times to know that we need to wait for our dreams to come to reality.

But what is really encouraging is that every step we take in a progressive direction adds up; no matter how long it seems to take, it’s never a waste. You need to keep counting down and not assume you’ve not progressed at all.

On another hand, some of us may not even know the first step to take towards success while some others may not even have a dream.

Can I let you know that being alive is the first step to achieving success in life? So you are already on your way!

You need to know that because you are alive, you have something to achieve and that implies you have something to give. success and happiness

So what can you give?

Don’t tell me nothing.

The challenge here is not that many don’t have dreams but that we don’t believe our dreams have any meaningful value to anyone else.

Have you thought about how you can make someone happy with your dreams?

That’s one giant step forward there.

Another important point to note is that if we have a wrong or selfish definition of success, we will feel frustrated or unaccomplished. But if success is being happy while making others happy with whatever service we are providing, then we may never really bother about the steps. We just keep going on!

So, how do you know you have been successful?

Success should not be about how much we get for ourselves (that should be financial planning). Success is when we are able to make people happy with our dreams. And we will get there if we keep on serving the good in us.



There’s a more fulfilling life for you out there; reach for it! 

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