A fulfilling life is a useful and satisfying one. A fully functional life asserts and engages one’s personal and productive uniqueness and potentials. It is crucial for you to know that you were created as worthy individual set to do worthwhile things. You must not only enjoy what you do but who you are otherwise a frustrated life is what you get.

Frustrations don’t come as a result of what people do to us. They arise as a result of what we refuse to do for ourselves. It is when we allow the adverse circumstances of life to stop us from being and giving our selves that frustration ensues. However, a fulfilling life is an intentional one. You must decide to to let your life keep flowing regardless of what life throws at you.

You need to value and enjoy the person you are, that is, you must learn to always view yourself – personal traits and productive attributes – in an appreciable way. This is not just because you want to make yourself happy but because you know you are a person of worth and you have much more to give than the challenges that cross our paths.

self-worth-comes-from-within-you-cant-give-it-to-someone-and-you-cant-expect-others-to-give-to-you-inspirational-quoteIndividuals who often find it difficult accepting and appreciating themselves are those who have received distorted messages about the self from others and through adverse life experiences. And as such, they find it difficult to see the value in life and their value to life. You need to know that anything that immobilizes you is definitely not a true component of your authenticity. Such phenomena are an intrusions into your system because being yourself is what frees you to function at your optimum.

Therefore, you need to start questioning whatever fears and doubts you are holding about your capabilities and personal value. Where are they coming from? Why do you believe them? Or more importantly, why do you amplify the opinions of others who are not helping you move forward in life?

Your authentic self is that part of you that you know is worthy, reflects honor, of good report, useful, natural, positive, creative, commendable. Don’t try to be ‘humble’ or ”realistic and downplay yourself. Of course you may have areas of challenges, what you need to do with those is work on them and not hold on to them. Your authentic self is how your creator views you and not how life experiences have labelled you.

Fulfillment is what life was made for! Everything about our makeup points us in the direction of self actualization: to be and give our best in life. However, fulfillment only comes from being true to our authentic selves and giving out of that same depth. In other words, it is finding expression for our being and that’s only possible when we acknowledge we have something to give and find meaningful platforms to do so.

That being said, a frustrating life therefore, is a function of ignorance of self. When you are fully aware of your uniqueness and worth, and refuse to settle down with the status quo or standards set by other men, you will break loose into the joy of finding, being and expressing your authentic self. Only then can you choose what and how you decide to apply yourself. No one else can determine or engage your sweet spot for you but yourself. And it is this self enablement, the ability to decide and  make life choices that will make life meaningful for oneself, that really frees you to take steps in pursuing the joy of life.

create-happiness-text-Favim.com-188253-300x225   And so, away with reasons and excuses for a frustrated life!  No matter the situation you find yourself in life, you still have that full control of admitting and asserting your own worth and plugging into life through whatever opportunities you find or better still the ones you choose to create! And in the same vein, you can and should shut down all access you’ve given to immobilizers (anything or thought that stifles the flow of life in you).

And though life may have its ups and downs, you won’t be stuck in the doldrums because you will always have a bigger and better picture of life than if you don’t have any meaningful form of self appreciation and application. If you don’t give room for authentic self expression, you won’t have a useful and satisfying life. And, until you start enjoying your life, no one else will!

There’s a more fulfilling life ahead of you, reach for it!



Are you experiencing any immobilizers or would like help with living on the fulfilling side of life?

It will be my pleasure to help you.

Email: info@fullandfree.org

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