if-onlyAs we come to the end of one year and enter into the new, this is the typical season when most people have the tendency not to count their blessings but their ‘blues’.  If you are not careful, in the name of preparing for the coming
year, you will audit the year only to realize that a good number of dreams and expectations were unrealized and rather than be inspired to get ready for their possible show up in the year ahead, you can easily resort to pessimism.  Although this is understandable, it is not advisable.

It’s easy to assume that if only we had our lives play out in the manner we had expected, life would be much more blissful and meaningful. We seem to forget that we can only dream of tomorrow because we have a today. We can only dream of having a job because we have the potentials, we can desire to have children because we have the bodies to carry them, we can hope to own a house because we have breath in us to live in them.  The seeds of our expectations are already with and within us. If only we will allow these seeds to inspire us and be the proof that one day our purposeful expectations shall become a reality.

Life SustenanceOne thing you must know is that your life’s sustenance is much more than what you hold in your hands but in He who holds you in His hands. Life is not so much about what you do for yourself but how you apply yourself. It’s not your possessions and obsessions in themselves that really give you fulfillment in life. They are only the means to an end. Don’t be deceived, it is what you hope to derive from them that you seek them for.  And what you really want is bliss, peace, meaningfulness, wellness and the like which you can have regardless of what you have unchecked on your to-get list or to-do list because you determine what appeals to you.

Another depressant is the faulty thinking of believing that others have it better than you. Comparison does nothing for you, rather it distracts you from your own unique path in life. Each individual has a distinct race to run in life and with that come the corresponding grace to do so. You can’t run another’s race and if you keep on their lane, yours will definitely go unfulfilled.

You need to embrace your life and enjoy your present moments! Make the best of the opportunities you have within your reach.

‘The sight of the eyes is better than the wandering of desires’.*

il_340x270.414218670_9bdxWhat you have with you now can be much more useful for your today than what you hope to have. It’s all about your perspective. So stop wasting your precious moments for a tomorrow you are unsure of. I don’t mean to say you shouldn’t dream of a better tomorrow rather what I’m saying is how about choosing to start with having a better today. One thing that can be guaranteed is that if you make the best of each day, you will look back at your life and won’t be filled with regrets. But if you lose today by being consumed with tomorrow’s desires, then you can look back and surely have losses to count.

What will you choose?

Keep dreaming of tomorrow but much more don’t stop living today!

*Ecc 6:9

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