Triumph over Trauma!


This is what I wish for you but beyond my wishes, this is actually God’s will for you!

Stressful and traumatic events make us feel helpless but the truth is that God does not just see us out of trouble but is always with us right in the midst of the troubling situations.

We may not be able to control what life brings our way but we can decide what we will make of every situation. We are never helpless nor hopeless because we are empowered to make decisions beyond those challenging events.

If you’ve been struggling with some trauma, below are some affirmations that will help you renew your mind and restore peace within.

  • Though I have been through traumatic experiences, I won’t be afraid because God is with me. He is able to handle what I can’t. He does not only watch over me, He also comforts me.
  • When I am weak, God’s strength shows up for me. He delights in being there for me. So I am not ashamed of admitting I need help because that when I get to be really strengthened by Him.
  • I keep my mind stayed on the Lord, therefore He keeps me in perfect peace. I can’t think of two things at the same time. I choose to focus on Him. I am overwhelmed by His love , therefore I overcome fears.
  • Peace is what I choose. Events may have been disturbing but now I choose to have peace and that’s what dominates my life.
  • I cast down down every mindset that is contrary to what God would want me to have. I may not have control over what comes my way but I have the power over what I decide to keep with me. Therefore, I refuse to be overwhelmed by trauma but pass on all my cares and fears to God.
  • I will call upon Him and He will always answer me. He will always be with me whatever I go through and not only will He deliver me, He will honor me. Therefore, I am confident my life will not be a mess.
  • He makes all things work together for my good. He doesn’t plan evil but He makes evil plans submit to His purpose. So I’m safe, because though I may not have control of events, I have a God who will make sure every situation serves His purpose for my life.

Dear one, I trust that even just by going through the affirmations, hope is rising in you. The more you meditate and speak them over your life consistently, the more your thoughts and life will take shape after them.

As with life molding affirmations, you can print them out and paste somewhere you will be reminded to confess them frequently, daily till they become part of your subconscious mind. Please, don’t hesitate to speak to someone trustworthy (by training or relationship), when you need help.

You can always reach me through my social media platforms and Follow me for daily insight and inspiration for a fulfilling life : Tiwa Soriyan OR @fullandfree .

There’s always a more fulfilling life ahead of you, reach for it!










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