Life after loss.

Being separated from a loved one physically or emotionally can be devastating. Particularly in cases of death, the thought of not having the chance to relate again can usher in a feeling of hopelessness.

One cannot deny the need to mourn our losses. Allowing the bereaved grieving space and time is crucial for healing and closure. However it is important that we grieve in a healthy way so that we are not stuck within the process, unable to transition into the next necessary phase of life and thus impair our mental health.

Here are some important things to consider in order to have a healthy grieving process:

  1. You are not responsible for the passing on or moving on of a loved one. No matter how much you blame yourself, you couldn’t have done anything to control or predict events beyond your scope. Life is filled with the unexpected and even fatal mistakes are also accepted as part of human errors.
  2. We are not in control of people destinies. We never know when each person’s time to exit will occur, otherwise we would be playing God. He alone knows and is in control of times and seasons.
  3. Learn to trust God with all that concerns yourself and your loved one. God is able to handle affairs on this side of heaven and beyond. Therefore, the best place to place your concerns about your loved one is in God’s Hands. This is the best way to have healthy closure.
  4. Keep fond memories of your loved ones. No one will like to be remembered as a source of pain and worry, especially those we hold dear. Let happy memories and loving thoughts replace those of regrets and despair. This is a honorable way to celebrate the life and relationship you cherished.
  5. We can have new beginnings. This is no way trivializes the relationships we had, rather it helps us to make meaning of them. If we indeed they meant much to us, then we should continue life in a way that accentuates that good and honor those relationships.
  6. Allow others to take care of you. You need all the support you can get. It will lessen burdens which could keep you depleted of strength which could add to more feelings of distress.

The affirmations below will not only make you feel better, they will put the season in a healthy perspective that will encourage healing and healthy closure.

  • Even though I have experienced the death of a loved one, I won’t be afraid. The Lord is always with me guiding and comforting me.
  • In the Lord, I believe my loved one is in safe Hands. I will not sorrow because I have my hope in God.
  • I won’t be anxious about anything. I give my concerns to God and He gives me peace to guide my thoughts and feelings.
  • I believe God will turn around this dark period and give me joy in the place of mourning.

Everything will be alright. God will make provisions to fill every gap but you must be receptive to allow restoration. Remember, seeking help is always a sign of strength and not weakness.

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