Shine your light..

Shine your light…..⭐⭐⭐ (Matt 5:13)

We live in interesting times where not only are we careful not to impose our values on others but much more many of us are afraid to take a stand in other to fit in or to avoid the risk of being canceled.

Yet, every individual is a unique being and no matter how much you want to fit in, you never will. There will always be that room for your own authentic voice to be heard and that’s where you have the opportunity to let your light shine.

You can’t stand out if you are afraid of being different. You can’t make a difference if you are in status quo mode all the time. You are the salt of the earth.  This means you are made to influence, your presence is meant to make an impact. Someone is looking up to you for something that will improve their quality of life, even if you aware of it because everyone carries a unique gift to positively influence humanity.

Your values are very important in defining your identity. Your life is representative of your values, so there will always be a conflicting issue when you act contrary to what you believe.

Accepting others does not mean disavowing yourself. If you desert yourself,  it’s no longer you accepting others, it’s a false representation. And so such acts can never bring fulfillment no matter the ‘sacrifice’ you put in because that wasn’t the real you in action.

Love others, but love yourself much more because you can only give meaningfully out of what you really value. Remember, dying to self is about doing what God wants you to do to stand out for good and not about what others want you to be to fit in.

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