Rebuilding the broken..

Rebuilding the broken….💝💝 (Is 58:12)

Before any individual can flee any traumatic environment, she/he needs to develop a sense of Safety. She is already in an unsafe place and the last thing she will be willing to do is move into an unpredictable environment. People remain in abusive relationships because they become desensitized when they have no other safer option. They don’t like the situation but have developed all sorts of coping mechanisms to survive the abuse. People in traumatic situations work from an emotional not cognitive base. Their actions are often reactionary not visionary. So to help them, one must provide safety first and this includes not just all related forms of protection such as physical, psychological, spiritual, legal and social.

They also need Strength. This seems easy but not so for those who are physically and psychologically defeated. They need to be able to have the inner drive and physical energy to make the move both in terms of what to do and how to go about it. You need to identify not just assume where they are weak. It could be in their faith, self esteem, physically, thought life, emotional health, finances, family values; and often you have a combination of more than one of these. There are different areas where they feel and are incapacitated and these need to be addressed to be on their recovery journey.

The third thing is Support. This is very crucial because most victims feel isolated regardless of the cases around them. Each individual’s experience is unique. She will keep pointing out how her situation is different and this is right from her perspective. What each needs is the individualized and committed support, making sure she knows she won’t be alone and she can continue with life activities without any form of shame. This is where value systems come in. If she belongs to a spiritual or cultural group, she must not be treated as a special case. If a victim believes that even though she receives social support from a group, she believes she has violated her core values, she will be dysfunctional.

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