What are you saying

What are you saying… 🤠🤠🤠 (Rom 10:8)

Words are powerful. Words create. The physical is shaped by the spiritual which in turn is shaped by words. The words that God speak are spirit and life. There’s no word that goes to waste. An idle word is not necessarily empty, it just means it is not productive for you.

Speak into existence whatever you desire. Words are building blocks of what you want to see manifest. What many people do is speak positive today and tomorrow speak idle words or negative words which is like pulling down what is being built.

Sometimes, it may be tough for you to have the right words or even the right emotions to address your situation and here is where the Word of God comes in. You can always take what God provides and apply it to yourself and you will have the results.

Remember, the times of your greatest challenge is when you don’t feel like doing anything, this is similar to when you don’t feel like taking meds when ill. However, the breakthrough is never about your feelings, it’s about applying what will take you to your desired destination.

I encourage you today that your greatest asset is not in your hands but in your mouth. You can put that to use right away and light will shine on your path…

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