Yes, you can do it!

You can do it! 👌👌(1Pet4:10)

You are not called because you are above pain, you are called because you know the pain!

It’s easy to assume heros are people without struggles, that only the strong are able to do exploits, only the flawless can be inspiring. But I tell you, people are not qualified to serve because they are above others but because they are able to understand and attend to the challenges of others.

You may have such a burden for a great work but you consider yourself unqualified because you still have your own struggles but I tell you, it’s your struggles, the shared experiences you have with your beneficiaries that really makes you the candidate for the job. A life of influence is never about position of power, it’s about a posture of service.

Jesus was a high priest who was not untouched by our feelings of infirmities. He knew what we were going through and so is able to save to the uttermost. So yes, you can’t boast about being perfect but you can gloat over insecurities in the truth of being a vessel for others to have a better life. So my dear, shake off the imposter syndrome, because it was never about your glory in the first place.

You can watch my short video in link below:

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