Don’t fall for it

Don’t fall for it……👀

‘All or nothing’ thinking is what keeps you stuck. It makes the whole world stop just at the interpretation of your reality. But it’s a trick because though you may experience something, it doesn’t mean that’s your final state.

So, I invite you to always use what I call ‘the flip.”’ Rather than conclude a negative on a situation, why not give room for the what if? Instead of thinking, ‘I will never get the home/ partner/business’. Try thinking, ”What if this leads to a better home/partner/business?’

This immediately shifts the burden off you because even though you don’t have the desired yet, it tells you that you are not stuck with what is at hand.

It’s never over, till it’s over.🤎

“Whatever things are pure, lovely, and of good report. …think on these things. “

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