Decide to Live

There is nothing like knowing the Truth and letting it set you free. I remember years back whenever I faced criticism; it was as though my whole life was being torn apart. This was because of the painful years of neglect I had experienced in my early years. Every unkind word or act, threw me into emotional bondage. For so many years, I tried to deal with the pain with toughness, but it just wouldn’t go. Oh God but why? I cried so many times.

But God has taught me to live by faith; to decide to keep my joy and peace of mind come what may. What had happened was that I took the wrong people did to me and attached myself to it. Today, I’ve learnt to identify people’s wrong doing as inappropriate and so I’ve stopped making myself responsible for their wrong. I deserve to be treated with respect and so do you.

We are the ones to make the decision to live. People are not going to stop doing hurtful things. As a matter of fact, those who love you will do things to hurt you even unintentionally. We ourselves do things that hurt others. I’ve also learnt to discern people’s motives. Not everyone means to harm. I’ve watched so many lives crumble out of the pain of offences such that they couldn’t get over it and got bitter. It saddens my heart to see people suffer because they tried to get even. Yes, they were wronged but their own wrong responses now trap them. It’s the age old trick of the enemy; I’ve caught him on this. He makes you to continue to suffer from the wrong done to you, which came from him in the first place. What could be worse?

Bitterness poisons our lives. It spoils our relationships and sours every good thing between us and those who hurt us. We have to live beyond this. God always has a way and it is what has been working for me that I share with you. As a matter of fact, it is a commandment that we drop offences and not allow bitterness to defile us. It’s not worth it. Believe me when I tell you that you can do it. It may seem like you can’t move forward because the pain of abuse or any hurt can be crippling. But you just decide to live. Keep taking one right decision after another and you will get perfect in it. It may seem like you are giving in but you are only giving in to self control. And when you walk in self control, then no one else can control your life.

My dear, you just have to decide to live. That’s your faith and that will be your fate. Decide to live on the right done for you by God and let it continue to multiply in joy.

This is part of my journey, recouping years wasted on pain. This is part of my living full and free. I encourage you to join me on this road to enjoying our wholeness.

There’s a more fulfilling life for you out there, reach for it!


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