obsessive thinking

Why do people have strong intense feelings towards a person or subject or any other object for that matter? It is because they keep thinking about that object. The more they visualize entertaining or even abhorrent scenes and engage their thought process intently, their minds will be completely fixated on that matter, and their feelings would not just follow suit but convey the expression of their thoughts.

What we call crushes or attraction is simply not taking our minds off a person we considered interesting or stimulating or even appalling. Therefore, to overcome such feelings, all we need to do is to substitute exaggerated information we have about the object of desire with a realistic one. This is actually what happens when we say ‘reality set in’. Because there’s no one or nothing that we can’t really conquer in our minds if we really mean it. It’s just that we are so engrossed by what we enjoy from what we play in our minds, the fantasies we create is much more than what the reality actually presented. It’s all in the ‘information’ we fed our minds. This is true for what we enjoy and what we abhor.

There’s a more fulfilling life for you out there, reach for it! 


2 thoughts on “OBSESSIONS

  1. Interesting thoughts here ma’am. Focusing/thinking about the wrong things fill us wiv wrong feelings nd same applies to good nd productive thoughts. hmmmm


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