A lot of us have things we love doing and we spend a lot of our time around these activities. However, for our passions to give us a meaningful life, they must be able to offer some benefits to others as well. Otherwise, a passion remains just a hobby.

Many people cannot really distinguish between a hobby and a lifework because they are both passion driven.  You have a hobby when you consistently engage in an activity for self amusement.  A lifework goes deeper and seeks to satisfy others besides one self. You may want to build your life around your hobby and there’s nothing wrong with this. However, if you want your life to be relevant to society, if you are thinking of making an impact, if you really want to live a purposeful life; you need to shift from self satisfaction to others edification.

Until you learn to connect what you love to other people’s need, you are on your own as far as being purposeful is concerned. You don’t have to drop what you love to do to engage in ‘serious’ work. Your passion should be the fuel that drives you to do your work. As a matter of fact, passion is a must-have when it comes to leading a fulfilling life. However it must be engaged to benefit others.

As a matter of fact, many people start out from hobbies to impactful living. They don’t give up their passions, they find a way to hang around it and because they spend so much time around it and they get developed in it. It is pertinent that we find activities that we enjoy outside our normal daily routines. This can help us discover our purposeful passions and while spending time in such activities also come across opportunities for development of skills that can help them us do much more than play.

Hobbies are important because they help us find our true selves with no strings attached. Because we are free to enjoy ourselves, hobbies often uncover our true purposeful passions and potentials. We underplay the productive capacities of our hobbies and regard them as unimportant or unprofitable because they are not the stereotyped or popular work functions or career choices. What you may not know is that your unique interest are clues to you finding your own niche, giving you the opportunity to bring something fresh to ‘life’s table’ for people to feast on.

So, if you don’t really enjoy your work or life at the moment and have no clue what to do, you may need to take a deeper look at your hobby, what you love doing in your spare time and then how it could be beneficial to more people than yourself. We often don’t move far because we don’t expand our borders to include others in enjoying what we do. The bottom point here is for you to think of how others can receive solutions, help and delight from what you enjoy doing…….That’s how you make a hobby a purposeful passion.

There’s a more fulfilling life for you out there; reach for it.



  1. Great write-up. There is certainly a line between hobby and life work and you have helped made it clear with this article.”We often don’t move far because we don’t expand our borders to include others in enjoying what we do” This is the gain and value.


  2. Thanks for this article. it is an eyes opener for me. The only thing remaining for me is to think on how to channel my hobby so others can be beneficiary.


    • Olumide, you are welcome. There are so many ways for you to connect your hobby to others. However, one important factor to consider is ‘how will it be useful to them’. Once that is clear, then you need to focus on the demographics ie the particular group:age, sex, income class, etc that your product or service will benefit the most. You will need to carry out some research to find this out. Sample the opinions of others. This will be a good beginning for you to know if it’s the right direction to head. All the best.


      • Thanks very much ma. Am working on that but will get back to you for further assistance. I really appreciate you for your time and motherly advise, God will increase you the more.


  3. Many thanks for the short, simple and direct message. It was well said.

    Often times, when I watch films such as “3 Idiots” and the likes, I usually pick up ideas and lessons that are applicable to our everyday lives. The challenge for me has been to create an organised system through which I can reach and benefit a lot of people while I also get rewarded. I definitely need counsel on this.

    N.B: A detailed editorial work to be effected on future articles before they are sent out in order to adequately delete typographical errors.

    Best regards.


    • Thanks David. As @Olumide pointed out, getting our services across to the right people who woud also enjoy them is usually the main concern. If you could follow the suggestions I gave him perhaps you would get the right foundation for you to build an effective system on.


      NB: For a more detailed personal attention: personal counselling, life coaching or business consulting, you can send an email to


  4. Thank you for the insightful piece. May god continue to reward you for your contributions. I have an hobby in electronic system designs; i.e. I can design electronic devices from concept to completion. After NYSC service, I decided to start an electronic automation business. I designed samples of remote controllers for household equipment such as light fittings, fan, water pump, and generators. When I introduced the devices to some members of the public, they all loved the idea but they don’t seem to trust the device will work well under long term use. What do I need to do?


    • You are welcome Adewale. I must commend you on your efforts and boldness to contribute value from your own unique giftings. Good job!
      Because your product is new, I’ll suggest you try and win customer confidence by giving them room to feel safe in giving your product a trial. You may need to offer incentives such as: warranties, money back guarantees, free gift with purchases, free services for a period, etc. I believe with this, they will be encouraged to try your product and the experiences they derive will eida promote or disapprove your claims. I will encourage you to focus on the effectiveness or efficiency of your product so that when they actually give it a try, it wilk be a win-win for both parties.

      With such positive experiences, your customer-base will improve.


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