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Are you happy where you are right now ? Do you feel unfulfilled working in someone else’s establishment? If there’s a common misconception among employees and aspiring entrepreneurs these days, it is the notion of being an employee is a less dignifying work option than being one’s own boss.

Working as an employee will not reduce your worth as a person neither will it take away from your purpose in life. On the contrary, working alongside others gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and to continue to work on your lifework at the same time. This is why it is important that we seek employments in field where we know we are able to really give of ourselves and not where we just seek to take from others. Many who are frustrated are those who have not understood the value of their work contents.

In actual fact, there is no work placement that is useless by itself because every job is supposed to be adding value. If you understand that whatever value you create or add in life, you are actually building up your purposeful portfolio, you will take more seriously whatever your hands find to do. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your life purpose only starts when you start doing what you enjoy, no way. Your life purpose is inclusive of every work you are involved in. This is why I keep saying that you should plug yourself into areas where you know you have the greatest advantage and this is identified by your natural potentials and passions.

Any productive activity can be turned around into a meaningful life work. There have been countless testimonies of individuals who never knew they could achieve some admirable level of impact in their fields because they didn’t know they had the requisite skills. However, they gave themselves fully to the tasks in their hands and they emerged as industry leaders. The challenge with many young people today is that they have been distracted by the notion of purposefulness to mean being your own boss. No one wants to work it out anymore. They have assumed that they can just get ‘there’ by themselves. A purposeful life is a value adding life and not a self aggrandizing one.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I am a stickler for fulfilled living; and so I encourage people to get into what they enjoy doing by all means. However, we must be realistic and understand that there is a growth process in all life endeavours. We must understand that there are times we may need to work with others. This brings me back to my topic. Working with others is working on your life task but in conjunction with others for the moment. It all adds up as part of your purposeful work in life. The fact that you don’t have the title of CEO does not in any way reduce the value of your contributions because what really matters is what you are bringing to the table and and not what label you carry around.

To have a job is one if the greatest blessings of life. As l mentioned earlier, it affords you so many benefits that you may not be able to get on your own. It opens you up to wide arrays of experiences, network and resources; asides from the great value of giving room to add value, express your creativity and develop your skills. There are so many who would love to have a job but don’t have the qualifications yet or the connections as the case may be.

If you believe that you are called to be your own boss, then by all means, take the necessary steps to do so. Rather than, while away and waste another man’s investment. Where you are at the moment may not be your dream job, (by the way is there any? As long as we are not the one in complete control, we won’t consider it a dream job irrespective of how good the working conditions are). So give yourself and your boss a break. On the other hand, if you are coming to terms with the fact that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, then please sit up. Give in your best, know that the job doesn’t make you, you make the job. Enjoy your life by acknowledging the value in your person. As long as you are putting in the right seeds, your harvest is guaranteed. And when or if you decide to be on your own, you will find the transition easier than those who grumbled throughout their employed life. In reality, whether you work with others or by yourself, you are your own life boss. Your input (or impact) in life earns you much more than the salary you receive!

There is a more fulfilling life for you out there; reach for it!


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