contented man

I have discovered that a good number of men tie their peace to their performance in life and this has done more harm than good to them and their loved ones. We must learn to enjoy life, no matter what responsibilities we face, because life will always be full of ups and downs. Your life is much more important than what you can or cannot do.

Contentment is a crucial component of a peaceful life. By this, I do not mean that only the greedy or dissatisfied are often disturbed but I said that to let you know that what you don’t have at one moment should not be allowed to define your peace and worth as an individual.  This is not an excuse for mediocrity but to let you know that life is bigger than you. You must learn to take your share out of it rather than deprive yourself of what you can enjoy of it.

Life goes beyond you. People have come before you and will come after you. What you make of life is what you get out of it.. It has become important for me to talk about this issue because it has become the source of so much unhappiness in homes and depression in individual lives. So many men do not feel confident to approach their wives because of what they can’t provide; some feel ashamed about not being at par with their colleagues.

The current economic challenges many countries are facing now have put many men under pressure. We must learn to work around what we face, rather than let the situation work us and define our happiness.

You are more than what you face. It is what you tell yourself that will determine how you see yourself. Fulfilment is a matter of perspective. What are the standards you have set for yourself? Are you hard working but yet you belittle yourself because things are not coming together as you expected? You are a good man. You are honourable. As long as you are pushing forward, you need to hold up your head high and carry yourself with some dignity.

You may not be able to afford some things you desire for yourself and your family. This does not make you less of a man. Contrary to what many men think, most women respect men who put in some effort than those who show off at ease. What a man does in his time of difficulty reveals the strength within him. And he will make it if he rises up. Making it does not imply attaining some financial status or societal pedestal but living up to his worth and the peace his individuality deserves. It is your commitment that counts so that you don’t lose your joy.

Your peace of mind is so key for the stability of your life and home. It is important to stay at peace with yourself. If things are not going the way you want at work, will you now because of that allow everything else in your life to be at a standstill? At the least, you should ensure your family does not bear the brunt of it. You can’t lose it all in the name of ‘business slow down’. You need other parts of your life working in good shape. A rested mind we know is much more creative than a disturbed one. When you refuse to let ‘business’ run your life, then your life will begin to run business for you.

Don’t believe the lie that your value is seen in what you do. That’s not true! Your value is inherent in who you are and what you have been given. You are a complete package so if one thing is not working, believe you have what it takes on the inside and take your time to bring it out of you. Don’t get upset or frustrated because you can’t have what you want, thinking that you have failed. You haven’t failed except you deliberately chose to, and even then, you can retrace your steps. And if that’s not the case, then it means you are more than what you are facing.

It is your choices, not your circumstances that reflect your true stand. So, hold your head high my brother, you are more than what is around you! Let your inner strength prevail for you and your loved ones. Things will get better!


There’s a more fulfilling life for you out there; reach for it!



  1. Great words of encouragement every man [even women] should read and learn from. I really love what you said: “You may not be able to afford some things you desire for yourself and your family. This does not make you less of a man.” Well-done ma’am.


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