Today we celebrate with persons with ‘distinguished abilities ‘ and not disabilities as often communicated. These are special people. Of course, we all are special in one way or the other. The important thing to note here is that these are individuals with different abilities not disabilities . They may require assistance to do some things others do easily but they have their own unique capabilities in a way we are yet to appreciate. We need to understand that no individual is disabled! Professor Hawkings is a great example.

Everyone has something unique to bring to life’s table. We need to observe these uniquely gifted individuals to identity their own differences and let them know they are worthy and have value to add to life. We can’t all do things the same way. We all have strengths yet we all have our own weaknesses: areas where we need some help. It doesn’t make us useless; just different. Help them discover strengths because they are here for distinctive purposes. No one is disabled and no one has it all. We are all unique with distinguished capabilities. This is the way to embrace and enjoy all people. If you have them around, you need to let them know this all the time but not in a patronising manner. Invest in and expect the best of them. They need to know they may not be able to do what some people can do easily but that there are also things they can do easily that others can’t. Encourage and praise them in these graces and you will see their geniuses emerge.

We aIso need to let them know life is to be enjoyed. When they discover they are loved and relevant, they will get joy from it. We all feel fulfilled knowing that we are bringing value to our world. Be it from their smiles to the creative contents expressed though their lives, knowing they can make life better for others will keep them inspired. Also find out their comforts and pleasures and indulge them in these as much as you can. Everyone deserves treats. These are some of the things that keep life interesting.

Bottom line: we must stop seeing persons with ‘distinguished abilities ‘ as liabilities but as blessings. This will help us seek and see the best in them, and make life much better for us all.


There’s a more fulfilling life for you out there; reach for it.


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