What does service really mean to us? Is it about pursuing our own interests or meeting the needs of others. I have discovered that often times, when we get hurt in serving others, it is usually because things are not done our way or in a manner that favours us.

Despite the fact that we have good intentions in putting forward our own methods and ideas, the people who we are serving should be the ones with the final say. It is time to let others take responsibility for their decisions and as well take pleasure in their preferences.

No matter the great intentions we have, we can’t play the saviour of all neither can we be in the good books of everyone. So we should quit trying to play safe or play perfect by insisting that things be done the way we want. Our interests, tastes, influences and/or motives differ from those we want to help. Therefore, in our helping efforts, we must always remember that the customer is king, that is, the interest and preferences of our beneficiaries must prevail. And this goes for all service platforms, be it informal relationships or professional ones.

We often face hitches because when we are excited by the solutions we have to offer, we forget we are not the immediate recipients of same. And when they are not received well, we get disappointed. Therefore, where we hope to do something beneficial for others, their interest must be taken into consideration and our proposed solution be tailored to suit their needs.

And so, in seeking to help others whenever we ask the question ‘what would you like me to do for you?’, we must always remember that the emphasis should be on the ‘for you’ part and not the ‘what would you like me to do..’ part. Service is about being a blessing to others and we should always have it at the back of our minds that even if we don’t get to have things done our way, we were not meant to in the first place.

Having said this, can we go on and enjoy what it means to really give with no strings or personal sentiments attached?! It is when we are too consumed about ourselves that we worry about rejection. If we are here to help, then we should do just that. So, free yourself and take joy in your efforts even if it seems they are not appreciated. Don’t let a sour past experience hinder you from the true fulfilment of really being there for someone else.

Keep winning!


There’s a more fulfilling life for you out there; reach for it!


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