It’s often tempting to shut down in self-pity, when we find ourselves in a conflict situation. While we hope to get some form of consolation from this, we discover that we feel worse and the situation may degenerate.

This is where the necessity of external counsel comes from. When we are burdened by our own issues, it means that we are not able to handle it by ourselves. There is so much wisdom and strength available when we lean on the experience and expertise of others who care.

When we are by ourselves, all we see is our fear or perspective of pain and all we hear are our own words, playback of experiences or the negative voices that cause us much turmoil. We need some fresh injection of hope, strength, positive perspectives from others.

While we try to hide our vulnerabilities, they don’t make us any better. The earlier we open ourselves to help, the better we heal and receive the impetus to really pursue progressive options.

Shutting down, blanking out won’t help us; but when we pull apart the blinds then the sun can shine through the window of our hearts. We need the positive words, encouragements, wisdom and even the discipline accountability provides to press beyond the blues.

Of course we shouldn’t open ourselves to just anyone and here is the mistake many make in their time of personal crisis. Not everyone really cares and not many are competent to provide reliable help and direction. Poor counsel may actually worsen our situation. However, these anomalies do not outweigh the great benefits of sound counsel and care.

The crux of this note is to let you know that you don’t need to go through it alone. It is divine arrangement that situations of impasse should of a necessity be brought before sound counsel of competent personnel.

We shouldn’t try to play super strong and yet deny ourselves of requisite peace available to us. When we let the voices offering hope and strength into our situations, we become encouraged and empowered to go in the right direction, and we are saved from swimming in the tide of our painful experience and negative circumstances.

This is the way to go. Seeking counsel and receiving care from others show strength and not weakness. The weak give up easily but the strong and those desiring to be do everything to make sure nothing stops them from having a full life!

N.B: Please seek competent help from trained helping professionals (counselors, coaches, clergy) as well as from truly caring and trusted family and friends.

There’s a more fulfilling life for you out there; reach for it!


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