LiteWednesday – #lightenup 0104

If your job or your relationship makes you cry constantly, you need to stop and ask yourself: Are you working with or dating an onion?

Now as funny as that might sound, it is the truth. A lot of people are stuck in jobs and relationships that make them constantly unhappy. They have more reason to cry than to laugh and nobody deserves to feel this way constantly in settings where the opposite should be the norm.

If this is your situation, you need to come to the realisation that you deserve better; that you can do better; and that you have control over your circumstances. So my charge to you this Wednesday is for you to seize control over your life.

You are not helpless! The power to completely change your circumstance lies majorly with you. Once you understand this fact, you then need to decide whether you still want this job or relationship. Rather than cry, channel your energy to talking with those involved and if things don’t seem to get better, you decide you have had enough of tears. It’s time for laughter.

If the option of leaving is commendable, do so. If not, or even if you can leave but choose to stay, show some inner strength. Focus on things that make you happy. Of course, you have delights, indulge in them. Don’t cut yourself short by limiting your channels of joy. Don’t do anything illicit but go out or stay in and give yourself a good life! Resist the urge to feel guilty, you are permitted to be happy! Life is much more than onions, there are yummy chocolates!  YOU DESERVE BETTER so go for it without apologies!!!

If you need to talk, post a comment or inbox



There’s a more fulfilling life for you out there; reach for it!

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