LiteWednesday – It’s not over

Breath is the evidence that there is something greater to conquer. The only people permitted to give up are the ones in the mortuary or buried six feet below the earth. The fact that you are breathing right now should tell you that you have something inside of you that needs to be released. You have things to give and things to receive.

I hear someone say, “But I’m tired of this life! I haven’t had any success doing anything!” Well, that may be so but it doesn’t still give you the right to give up on yourself and on the world. The world deserves to experience your best at all times. No matter how many times you fail at something, you need to keep learning the lessons and keep moving forward.

No matter what it is you are going through right now, always remember that somebody somewhere has it worse than you do. This alone should help you put your circumstances in perspective and help you live your best. And even if you still think you have the worst, there is still something about you to be grateful for. 

I’m sure you must have heard of the popular Christian hymn: “It is well, It is well with my soul…” Now history has it that the writer of that hymn had just lost his entire family and possession when he wrote the lyrics of the song. Now by this, I’m not saying you should deny whatever your situation may be or that you should live a pretentious life but what I’m saying to you today, is in spite of whatever you may be going through, there is a reason you are alive now. So recall the good experiences you have had, if they happened much more can still occur. Acknowledge the best you have right now! You have life, therefore you have hope. I believe as you take a positive turn, opportunities for good will open to you!


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There’s a more fulfilling life for you out there; reach for it!

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