If You Knew Better…

One of the reasons I love to share on self-awareness is because I believe that when we know better, we will do better. Walking in ignorance can be likened to walking in darkness. If you can’t see clearly, you are likely to stumble upon a lot of things, and then hurt yourself as well as others in the process.

When we make choices in ignorance, we usually suffer for it. What happens is that because we think we are in control, everything will work out fine but because we don’t really have a clear understanding of what we are involved in, we end up with unpleasant outcomes.

If I walk in a dark alley and step on a smelly substance, I may not be aware of what just happened to me. However, as I get to where other people are, I may notice them covering their noses and making remarks. But because I’m not aware of what happened to me, I may just assume that they have a problem with my person and this may adversely affect the way I relate with them. But it’s only as I get into a lit up area and can see what was stuck to my shoes that I can now understand what the problem really is and then clean up both myself and then the negative mind-set I had also picked up.

This is the essence of light: true, useful knowledge that helps one to be fully aware of one’s self. Some say “knowledge is power”. That is true; however, it depends on the content and purpose of such knowledge. Is it enlightenment that makes you a better person and helps bring out the best in you? Or is it that which if applied further desecrates your sanctity and wholeness, adding to problems? progress is impossible

I encourage everyone to get meaningful enlightenment that will make life better for you and others. Rather than go about blaming yourself for the consequences of actions you took in your ignorance, accept the fact that you didn’t know better.  Now you need to take a decisive step, seeking productive information, life enhancing knowledge and applying it to get a better life.

When you allow truth into your soul, it enlightens you immediately and changes your perspective. This is what will bring about a corresponding change in behaviour and eventually in your life. Real truth transforms. And so if you see you are still on the same page, despite the exposure to knowledge, you may very well be resisting the light or you never got the real truth. Change is possible. A better life is possible but only as you allow. Seek the truth, revel in information that brings out the “worthiness” in you.

Truth hurts at times, yes. You may feel vulnerable initially when you open yourself to the truth, but when you take responsibility, you will become a stronger person eventually as it gives you the confidence and needed exposure to take life on. Keep a life giving, truth sharing company of friends, books, resources and all that will make you a better and stronger person. knowledge_quote

What I’m saying in essence is that you should seek to know more about yourself. Don’t stop at what you think or what experiences have given you. You can be better, you can have better. So allow self enhancing truth to impact and give you a more fulfilling life.

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