We all have situations in our lives that we desire could be better. We make plans in our minds or even at times make attempts to do something to improve our situations, yet it seems change eludes us.

One thing I have discovered is that though we have desires, not many of us are actually willing to give all it takes to see the improvements we desire in our lives.

There are three main reasons why we don’t get our desired results.

  1. We actually decide on what we want, then we only pay lip service to it. All we do is talk about what we want but we make no real commitments or steps to bring about the changes.
  2. We make the decision to do something about what we desire but when we face opposition or any form of contrariness to our planned path, we give up easily and conclude we can’t make it.
  3. We actually start to do something about our commitments but at the same time, we get involved in competing interests or engage in other options which distract us from our main goal. Such that though we are busy with our plans of change, we don’t give it the total commitment it deserves because we make room for other options which we run at the same time.

At the end of the day, we find ourselves frustrated because we don’t achieve our plans. It is not that they are impossible; it is because we have not given it our total commitment and undivided attention. frustration

No seed grows well if it is not properly planted. Even if it is planted, it must be in the right soil. Even if it is in the right soil, no other seed or plant must be stuffed into its space for it to have the sufficient nutrients and room necessary for healthy growth.

To bring it home, unfavourable situations, conflicts or competing interests are not enough reasons to stop us because these factors exist for majority of people; we actually miss out because we have not made up our mind to go all the way.

As we are approaching the latter end of the year, there is still enough room to make those dreams, aspirations and resolutions come alive again.

Remember, it is never over till it’s over.

no excuses


The first obstacles to conquer are not the ones before us, they are the ones within us. And because they are within us, they are within our control. Believe that you can do it and you will do it.




There’s a more fulfilling life for you out there; reach for it!


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