Life is too short, make the best of it. It is useless wasting your precious time and tears on people who don’t show any appreciation of your personal content.

You need to plug into wholesome avenues and get your life going. There is no ‘destiny’ except for where you take yourself. If you have made a poor choice in the past, then get wiser by moving on and not sitting on regrets.

If someone or something was meant to be yours for life, it won’t fall away. You keep moving forward and if it really belongs to you, it will meet you on your onward journey not in stale places. Freshness is alluring. Don’t build your future on the relics of the past. freshness

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is to try and make up for what has been lost. Let the old go and let the new arrive. Don’t choose new friends, jobs, partners in the same mould of the past, under the guise of proving you were right all along. Most likely, you will get the same results. And this is what happens with so many people who go around in circles with same choices and wonder why things are not different for us. The familiar “Why do I always end up with the bad guys, or Why am I always unlucky at work?” etc.

If you can’t pinpoint where you got things wrong, get an honest friend or better still a counsellor to have a frank talk and seek to improve on your weaknesses. By weaknesses, I always refer to areas/activities that are self-defeating or injurious to others. A weakness is not what others don’t like about you or where you feel bad about yourself, it is what causes harm to you and others.

So dear, it is time for that forward leap and I mean a really progressive one; not the one where you keep turning back to glance at unfortunate circumstances looking for who or what to blame. looking back

Life goes on and so should you because better things are always ahead of you and not behind you.



2 thoughts on “TIME TO MOVE ON!!!

  1. This is a solid advice not just for emotional issues but for everyday life; especially for the young people of now. We dwell more on the past rather than the present and future which in turn obstructs us from moving on. Infact we Nigerians are very fond of it…u hear our parents say things like “in those days…”. They wanna govern their families and their world with the ‘wisdom’ from the past rather than use the present with all its advancements to move forward.
    God help us all…well-done ma.


    • Hello Ebun
      It is true that many of us feel comfortable with the familiar but we can’t experience greater things if we don’t give room to the new. We must take the initiative to press on despite the challenges we encounter.

      Keep winning dear!


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