Codependency – #Full&Free Now!

Is your life wrapped around someone else’s dysfunctions or addictions? Do you find it difficult letting another take responsibility for his or her life? 

A codependent can’t find himself or herself without the role he or she plays in another’s problematic situation.

You may have started out trying to be of help but then you find out you are actually enabling an irresponsible or dysfunctional lifestyle. This includes but not limited to abuse, financial mismanagement, rebellious attitude, debilitating habits of friends or family members.

You need to break off such draining relationships and develop a healthy self esteem. You are not the one to fix the problem, both your self and the person depending (leeching) on you need more specialized or professional intervention to lead well adjusted lives.

Life can be better. Love is productive and may require some firmness. Make the decision today and it starts by acknowledging that you are actually not helping the dependant get better.

Check my video via the link below for some more words of encouragement on this issue.
Do reach out for competent help around you. I’m also reachable to help with a healing truth through my social media platforms, you can send direct messages for confidentiality.

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……because everyone deserves a fulfilling life!

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