Healing Emotional Abuse – Full&Free Affirmations 

Are you battling with the pains of emotional abuse? Here’s some help.

Emotional abuse also known as psychological abuse involves any form of persistent act or speech causing psychological damage to another such as name-calling, bullying, isolation, shaming, intimidation, threats, etc. particularly within family or relationships with familiar individuals.

Of course, as with other forms of abuse, victims are often made to believe they deserved the treatment they get from abusers. What makes emotional abuse more devastating is the lack of physical evidence of the hurt experienced by the victim and so it becomes difficult to verbalize or express such hurt which in turn makes it more difficult to seek help.  And so many victims end up with mental health challenges and other dysfunctional states in life.

When an individual is spoken to and treated as an object scorn and ridicule, it becomes a form of self-fulfilling prophecy. It is difficult to shake off, as those actions become building blocks by which the individual gauges his life, if there is no form of intervention.

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The root of pain comes from believing lies acted or spoken to one. Healing begins by knowing that abusers are dysfunctional and their behaviors do not represent your real worth. You feel pain because abuse tells you something is wrong and that means you actually deserve better.

However, regardless of your experiences and depths of hurts, there’s always healing and restoration ready with God. The affirmations below will bring healing to your soul and help reset your mind on your true worth in God. They are drawn from scriptures and reflect God’s mind concerning you and the experiences you are going or have gone through.

  • I am always accepted in the Beloved, Christ. I am always valuable in the sight of God, my creator who alone determines my worth. He is my shepherd, the guide of my life, therefore whatever does not represent His view of me, I reject. I will not follow strange voices, regardless the faces on them.  Whatever God hasn’t planted in me, I uproot.
  • Whatever people do to or against me doesn’t reveal my true worth, rather such acts reveal their hearts and show who they are.  I therefore forgive those who set out to hurt me because I reckon they know neither my worth nor theirs, hence their misbehavior.
  • Nothing anyone says or does to me contradicting what God plans for me really matters. He makes everything work together for my good and so I will always end up with His plan for my life because I love Him and I submit to His purpose. Because I believed a lie never makes it the truth. The truth is always God’s opinion of me, and that says I’m loved and valuable.
  • Though I may fall several times, yet I will rise again because I belong above and not underneath as negative experiences try to make me believe. I am an triumphant in Christ. In this life, there will always be some form of pain or the other but I choose to rejoice because Christ has overcome them all. And so I know and look forward to joyful outcomes beyond the painful experiences.
  • I overcome evil with good. Because my original nature is good, evil cannot reside in me. So I choose who I become and not what the lies in my experiences present to me. In Christ, I am a new creation, old things pass away. I choose to put the past behind me and press on to what’s ahead of me.
  • I address myself by what God calls me, I choose to only see myself as God sees me. I refuse to embrace whatever view about myself that isn’t pure, admirable, reputable and commendable, regardless of how many times or from who I have experienced or heard it.
  • My faith gets stronger as I acknowledge the good in me. God is good, I’m made of good. I am good. I am useful, valuable, a blessing; I’m a gift to the world.

***The content of this blog is for enlightenment and encouragement purposes only. Please contact a mental health professional for diagnosis and therapy. I’m available through my social media platforms where you can follow me for daily words of insights and inspiration for a more fulfilling life.

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…………….because everyone deseves a fulfilling life!

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