Anger Management – Full&Free Affirmations.

Is anger causing trouble in your life and relationships?

Everyone gets angry but uncontrolled anger shouldn’t take over your life. You can choose a response style that addresses your displeasure without causing harm to yourself and others. 

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The affirmations below will also help give you a mindset that will put anger in check.

  • Anger lives within fools. I may get angry but I refuse to allow anger dwell in me.
  • I have the wisdom that makes me patient. It is to my advantage to overlook offenses.
  • I deal with issues as they arise; I don’t brew over hurts and disappointments.
  • I cast all  my cares to God. When a case becomes challenging for me, it means God will handle it better, so I choose to dwell on peace and allow God to take care of the case.
  • It is God who really can justify me and avenge me if I have been really offended.
  • I will do everything I can to be at peace with everyone as much as i can.
  • I forgive others even as Christ forgive me, and so i choose not to keep accounts of others’ offences.
  • God has not given me a fearful spirit  but one of love, power and a sound mind.
  • I keep my mind filled with positive and productive thoughts. I refuse to dwell on negatives about myself and others.
  • God strengthens me with might by His power so i can be patient and tolerant with joy.


*The content of this blog is for enlightenment and encouragement purposes only. Please contact a health professional for diagnosis and therapy.

You can reach me through my social media platforms for help: @fullandfree / Tiwa Soriyan . Follow me for daily insight and inspiration for a more fulfilling life.

Best Wishes


…….because everyone deserves a fulfilling life!






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