If you really mean to help…

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We all face challenges at different points in our lives and there are definitely some things we don’t want to hear at these times. No mater how sincere you are, the wrong words will rub the wrong way.

The essence of help is not chastisement but to make life better for the hurting. you can share preventive tips much later but not when an individual is in pain. Here are some statements to avoid if you really mean to help

  • Get over it

If they could or knew how to, they wouldn’t call for help or stay in pain. make it easier for them even if you think they are exaggerating.

  • You are not the only one

In that situation, they are the ones going through. They need to know how to move on and not be compared to others, which doesn’t make the situation any better.

  • If only you didn’t do that

The deed is already done. don’t cry over split milk. they already know they are in a mess. What is needed now is what can be done to remedy the situation

  • It’s not as bad as you are

Saying this will seem to minimize people’s pain. each individual has his or her own unique experience of a situation. Even if you know better, understanding will be more useful

  • If I were you…..

You are not in the individual’s shoes, so never make judgement or comparisons with your own experience or capabilities.

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It is important to know that knowing how to help people in their times of vulnerability can make or mar their progress in dealing with challenging situations.  Wisdom and discernment is key and as the Word says, “you who are more spiritual should restore such a person in a spirit of gentleness”.

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