Dealing with Temptations! Full&Free Affirmations!

What are you finding hard to resist? What need do you really want to meet?

Temptation implies a struggle between two options: doing what’s honourable or what’s not. This conflict arises because of there’s often a need driven desire seeking satisfaction, however when the means or intent of fulfilling that desire is questionable,  then conscience and morality issues arise.

Everyone faces temptation in one form or the other. And the struggle is really because we want to do right otherwise there wouldn’t even be a conflict within us in the first place. The key point is that for a need or desire to be disapproved by God, it means it’s going to cause some harm to yourself or to others. 

And so what we call pleasure will bring pain because really it’s poison. The fact we enjoy something doesn’t mean it’s good for us. And because someting seems to satisfy a desire, it doesn’t mean it meets the real need. If you focus only on the desire, you will struggle with temptation but if you look at the real need hidden behind the desire, you can seek out an appropriate means of meeting that need.

Beating temptation therefore requires the following:

1. Honesty: being frank about your struggle

2. Awareness: knowing the real consequences of falling to temptation 

3. Admittance: admitting that one’s desire is inappropriate 

4. Responsibility: refusing to blame others for one’s feelings

5. Confession: opening up to God that one needs help

6. Intervention: getting to root of desire and addressing the real need

Here are some affirmations that will give you the right mindset and inner strength in overcoming temptations

  • God does not lead one into temptation,  so I am very clear that my struggles are from my own desires.
  • Whatever temptation I face is not something peculiar to me alone. I refuse to feel overwhelmed and isolated. 
  • I believe that God is faithful and He will not allow me be tempted beyond what I can handle. Much more, He makes a way of escape for me. I’m sure I will overcome.
  • I am able to make the right choices because Christ strengthens me.
  • I believe and receive the Word of God, I am firmly rooted in the truth  such that I dont fall in times of temptation.
  • I turn my needs over to God, for He cares for me and satisfies my right desires.
  • I will not be overcome by evil,  rather I overcome evil with good. 

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