Fair and free!!!

Being fair and free!!!….⚖ ⚖ ⚖
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We need to learn to give ourselves a break! I know many people get bogged down by not meeting the expectations of friends and family and funny enough even those of strangers, talk about social media influence!!

Before you start loading on guilt or selfish feelings, you need to be sure what is put before you is really your cup of tea. You are not responsible for everyone and when you need to balance priorities, you must be very objective.

Sometimes you can supply what is asked of you without blinking an eye, other times, you just don’t feel capable or convinced about it.

A good rule to apply particularly when the askers start bringing on emotional blackmail is to weigh things out. Will they do same? This is not to measure payback but to check if they have the right to put such demands on you in the first place.

Remember the golden rule applies to everyone – not just to givers but to takers as well.

Keep living Full&Free!!!



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