Take a break!!!

When you give others a break, you really give yourself a break. What drives you crazy is not what comes at you but how hold on to it. (Matt 5:7)

We suffer more than the wrong actions of others when we hold on to those offenses.

We get more stressed by our ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ that we are unwilling to shift some ground.

We carry so much burdens when we don’t acknowledge the fact the men are not infallible.

We trade our peace unnecessarily when we expect so much from people who need help themselves.

God wants us to have peace. We must choose to receive and keep that peace by evaluating our options. If we look at what we loose by how we hold others to our expectations, it really isn’t worth it.

Let’s choose our battles, if at all, and keep the peace that is always available to us.

Keep living Full&Free!!!



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