When overwhelmed..

It’s important to carry your own load, however when the load turns into a burden then it’s not a weakness but wisdom to seek help.

We don’t like to appear needy and be vulnerable. However, when we can’t help ourselves, it means we need additional help.

God never shames anyone for reaching for help and He has never. He is called ‘Our Help’! He wants us to be helped. And not only does He encourage us to call to Him, He also admonishes us to help others in times of need.

If you have come from a shaming and blaming family or cultural background, it may be tough to even talk about your challenges. However, you need to know God has a bigger say and stake in your life.

Ask for help in prayer, in meditation … be open and expectant that help will come so that you can be ready to take opportunities that come your way.

I believe there’s always a better future. There’s hope and help.

If you don’t know where to start, check out resources, talk with people and don’t limit yourself to a particular channel because God can use anyone or any means make things better for you.

The most important thing is to be open and believe God wants a better life for you and that you will receive the help needed in whatever area of your life.

Believing for a Full &Free life for you….



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