Breaking free….

Breaking free…….🔓🔓🔓 (Is 58:6)

There will always be times when we have to make compromises for the sake of maintaining healthy relationships. We are to practice forbearance because no one is perfect; we all have our foibles, and this will help to give us personal and interpersonal peace.

However, when we find ourselves under the constant barrage of malicious attacks of another and we do nothing about it just to appear good, this is no longer forbearance but enabling.

You might have been told to forgive offenders, and that’s right. However, forgiveness does not mean allowing abuse or any other form of violence to continue. The challenge is that some of you have been told that speaking truth to power or removing yourself from a psychologically or physically tormenting situation is being insubordinate or irreconcilatory.

God had called us to liberty only that we should have this position to serve. We are not to be under any yoke of bondage. You don’t serve or satisfy God because you put yourself down. That is not honorable to Him in any way. He stands against all forms of oppression.

God doesn’t want us to get into a fight with oppressors or abusive people. Talking about it (if applicable), walking away, addressing your concern with qualified people, defining boundaries, reporting the situation are examples of turning the other cheek, and not giving an eye for an eye in a healthy resolution of these type of conflicts. Continuously speak the Word of God over yourself and the situation.

Therefore, refuse to feel bad, guilty or ashamed when you take steps to walk away from God will not permit. If you are in a situation where you feel incapacitated, seek external help, and don’t hope things will change by themselves, at least for your psychological well-being.

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