Walking by faith..

Walking by faith …..⭐⭐⭐(Rom 1:17)

It’s important to believe that things can be better than what we currently experience. Faith helps us go higher than what we can do for ourselves, and God actually calls us to live by faith. Faith is being assured of what you are hoping for. However, to avoid disappointment, it is important to do it right. Faith is not presumption; neither is it assumption.

Faith has a price, and that is obedience. Faith is making a move on the will or word of God. If you are not sure if something is the will of God, naming it and claiming it won’t turn it into faith. If you get anything that’s not the will of God, you will pay for it yourself.

In the same vein, copying what someone else does is not an expression of your faith in God. It only shows that your belief is in their actions and not necessarily in God’s word itself. If the basis of your actions are on the Word and you are inspired by another’s outcome, that’s okay. However, just imitating others without reference to the Word is not faith but just a move of inspiration (or desperation).

What do you desire? What does the Word of God say about it? Do you believe He can do it? Do you believe it’s the right thing for you? Are you willing to keep waiting for it to show up? Are you complaining or comparing with what happened in another’s life?

Each person is justified by his own faith. It’s purely between you and God. Doing all sorts of things that don’t communicate you trust God does not speed up things; it will only get you frustrated because your faith is in your expectations and not His will.

Remember, the key question: Is this what God will want me to have? May the peace of God guide your heart and mind.

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