Examine the cords…..

Examine the cords….🧐🧐🧐 ( Prov 27:17)

You are being belittled and disrespected anytime you need to walk on eggshells to be yourself or do what you want. This means you need to get someone’s approval to engage your own individual uniqueness. It is when an individual is incapacitated that he may need others to make decisions for his well-being, not when he knows what he wants for himself.

If people often get upset or feel disenfranchised when you do things your way, they are not really for you, no matter what they claim. Meaningful relationships are those where each person’s views and preferences are respected even if they are not totally agreed with. No two individuals are the same and so there will be differences in experiences and these should be regarded cordially.

If things only have to go one way, then it’s not relating but dictating. Learn to distinguish between your obligations and people’s expectations of you because not being able to draw that line may keep you under emotional blackmail. This applies to all forms of casual and close-knit relationships: friends, family and professional.

Healthy relationships are a balance of give and take; not just give, give, give. And this includes not only with material substances but in the sharing of efforts, emotions and preferences. Love is not only caring for one person but sharing between two entities.

You may need to state clearly what your preferences are for some to understand what you really mean. Don’t leave room for guesses, people can’t read your mind. So re-examine the cords that tie you to stress and invest your yourself in what brings you bliss. And remember, the blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow.

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