Forgiving and Forging on…..

Forgiving and Forging On…🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ (Prov 19:11)

Forgiving does not mean forgetting. You may remember the events but because you have already forgiven, the matter will not consume you. When you forgive, you take a decision about the offense which is that, you are not seeking any form of retaliation towards the offender.

Forgive means you ‘give ahead’. So you are offering the offender more than he deserves. It’s actually a higher place to be and puts you ahead of the offender. Where the confusion comes in for many people is that they don’t have a concrete reason for forgiving and so even though they claim to have forgiven, they keep feeling the bitterness.

God requires us to forgive and this is the basic premise for offering forgiveness to others. Reasons to forgive include you have also being forgiven; you choose to see the offender as ignorant or as needing help; you believe God will recompense so no need to expect offender to make it up to you; offender has apologized; you are in a convenant or contract that requires you not to pursue the case; you decide it’s not worth your time among others.

Don’t get me wrong, forgiveness never excuses a wrong done, it doesn’t mean you won’t feel the hurt of an offense, however you will be able to take the burden of rage or bitterness off you. This will put your mind in a peaceful place and should you choose to continue with the relationship, it will guide you in reconciliation or otherwise in the termination of same.

The ability to see the smallness of the offender is the wisdom behind forgiveness. Your life is worth more than what the poor actions of another tries to potray.

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