Do away with the pressures..

Do away with the pressures….😣😩😤. (Matt 12:20)

What some call drama is actually trauma for some others. When people tell you they can’t bear something, don’t force them to do it (which would be abuse or controlling) neither should you belittle or disbelieve them because you will be invalidating their realities (which is also bullying or shaming).

Shaming or controlling don’t help anyone do better, they only add to their distress and increase the trauma. Most people are able to go through a crisis or difficult situation if they have a good support system. However if you see someone struggling to stay strong, that’s a sign he may be having a challenge with handling a stressor or a trigger that you are not aware of. So, if someone opens up to you about his /her state of distress, you should be a support system and not a judgment system.

If you believe the troubled person needs help or needs to attend to some matter in a more constructive way, you can ask how you can assist him or her. You can also ask if there are other ways to meet an obligation than insisting things be done a particular way. We are to bear with the weakness of others not add to their struggles.

If you are on the distress side, give yourself a break. God knows your capacity and wouldn’t ask you to do beyond your capacity, talk less of judge you about it. Get help for a better life, however don’t be bothered or under pressure to meet the standards of ‘men’. When you get better, you will do better. This is not an excuse but an acknowledgement that you need help and you can have a more enriched life.

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