Entitlement mentality…..

Entitlement mentality…..😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫(2Cor8:12)

If you often feel unappreciated after giving to some folks, you may need to learn to distinguish between those in need and those with greed. It is important that we be givers, that we learn to meet needs that can make life better for people and society. Sometimes, we don’t have the best, yet we reach out to serve with what is available to us.

When we give, we should feel good. Good works is about helping people with what we have. However, if you are shamed or despised for giving what you can really afford, then you need to check if you were in the right place. Some folks make assumptions about your resources or capabilities and so hold untoward expectations of you, now that in itself is erroneous and a crossing of boundaries except you have joint or legal custody.

A lot of you may be weighed down by guilt from such shaming. You often think if you are really worthy, then you should be appreciated. You wrongly take the blame from the ungrateful and label yourself with it. God is ever proud of your giving. You have done something good and that counts for you before Him. Lift up your head and know that while your works may not seem to bear fruit in some places, it’s often about the quality of the soil.

As a sower do your own best and then enter into God’s rest.

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