Living a light life..

Living a light life… ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‡(1Pet3:10-11)

In this world we will face challenges, yet we are encouraged to be cheerful because with God, we can always be on top. We can have a light life….good days, a great life in the midst of all life presents.

One of my favorite word about this is found in the text referenced in the caption and I have summarized the components of having the light life as:

1. Keep your love right is the basic premise of the Christian life. Let all your intentions and actions be good. Even if you miss the actions, God sees your motives. Do good no matter what is against you. You are called to a blessing, stay on that path.
2. Keep your lips tight: refrain from speaking negative words about your self or situation no matter how frustrated you may feel. You create with your words not what comes at you.
3. Keep a low fight. Resist from fighting offenders – people or situations.. Low fight means you don’t submit to offense but you don’t go attacking in defense. Don’t respond to evil, turn the other way: face a new direction. Seek a path of peace and journey there.

When you take this posture in life, your days and life will be good because you win from within first. This is what you have you have designed and God will validate it because it’s His will.

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