Out of the Box…

Out of the box …..💭💭(Is43:19)

God is not limited to precedents. We have been encouraged often times by other people’s testimonies, however your dreams or desires are not limited to precedents. We have heard that if He has done it before, He will do it again. But I tell you God is able to do what no one else has ever witnessed before for you.

Instead of calling Him by another person’s name, why don’t you let Him also be glorified with your name. Possibilities abound because they are just that, untapped potentials and undiscovered exploits. Open your mind and mouth, whatever you believe and declare is possible, knowing that whatever God backs up is as good as done. Don’t you know He can do exceedingly above and beyond what you can ask or imagine. That’s right.

Let hopelessness be arrested by this new mindset. Let hope elevate you to new levels of joy because even in believing, you are comforted. God is not limited and so never will you be. Remember, Jesus Himself faced the negative but He used it to declare what God wanted. So, When your mind gives you worry, let your mouth turn it to a faith story.

Keep going forward, you also will testify!


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