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The last children’s day got me filled with so much gratitude about God’s goodness to my family. My precious son was born 2011 as a divine miracle. I’ve been off fulltime work for a while because of this new assignment in my life. As I return to filling in the gaps of work and ministry, it is worthy to take time to acknowledge and appreciate Him for this precious gift to us.

In case you didn’t know, I had been an expectant mum for 8 years before my son was born. I encourage anyone out there waiting, to keep a right attitude of joy and gratitude. It may not be easy for some but knowing that God has a definite plan for your life and for your child’s life should let you know that your time will come.

For all parents, both expectant and current, please know that your children are individuals in their own rights. They have unique destinies ordained by God. They have unique gifts and personalities. Take time to identify their differences and don’t compare or force them to conform to others. As long as what they are doing is not sinful or offensive (I don’t mean unattractive to you), please let them be and encourage them.

Celebrate your kids, they are precious gifts! Tell them how much you love them. Many parents assume children don’t understand the importance of affirmation yet particularly preteen and teenage years. This is faulty because this is the greatest time they ‘need’ not just ‘desire’ your validations and love in developing healthy emotional status. When they become young adults, we wonder why they are ‘detached’; it is because we were never ‘attached’ when they were younger and we taught them it didn’t matter. But it does because, they will seek affirmations from others and as adults it may be so difficult expressing feelings to significant others or they may just overdo it with the wrong people.

Please note that material items are important but are not representative of your commitments. Commitment to children is spelt as TIME and CONTACT. Now is the time to lay the foundations for healthy emotional persons. Love, love and show your love to your children. It will come back to you in overflowing measures in later years.

I thank God for adorning my life with this precious gift. And i pray i conduct myself worthy of this great mission. A laudable responsibility and privilege indeed!

There is a more fulfilling life for you out there, reach for it!



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