It will be great to say that we are all ready to take on the New Year, that all has been well and couldn’t be better. But I know that’s not the case with so many of us. We all have (or had) different challenges through the year; some almost took us out but by grace, we are still standing. However, one thing we all have in common is that there is a future for us all. And what a great time it is for us to focus on the possibilities ahead of us.

Now, I know some of you may be so overwhelmed by the down sides of 2013 that you don’t look forward to 2014 at all for fear of repetition or extension of the negatives. If things are going to get better, it won’t be in the past. It will be tomorrow. Now is the time for you to decide on how you want the days ahead to be. Now is the time to really close the door on yesterday’s misfortunes.

Do you know that regardless of what unpleasant circumstance you may be in right now, you can choose what you will make of it?

Stuff happens but we can decide if it’s going to be ‘to’ us or ‘for’ us. That is, what you perceive as happening to you can be turned around as happening for you. When we view a trying situation from a victim’s perspective, we will always feel beat up, disadvantaged, helpless, weak, etc. but when we take it as one of life’s events that will not only pass away but will add something valuable to us (in terms of opportunities, lessons learnt, mastery gained or even the uniqueness of the experience itself; then we will walk and talk as victors and not only will we survive but we will thrive in the midst of the trials.

Your life is much more than the things around you. You are the main component of your life and not external influences. Therefore the way you think and talk must not tail the externals but must be conditioned by what you desire for yourself. Your future, your tomorrow, 2014 and beyond has so much in store for you. “Breath is the proof that there is something higher for you to conquer” Olakunle Soriyan. This implies that you are alive not to die but to live.

I encourage you to paint a brighter picture of your situation. Or get an entirely new picture if you can’t seem to get the bright colours in. When you are overwhelmed by a contrary situation, one great way out is for you to continue to dream. Indulge in wholesome and healthy fantasies. They may seem unrealistic but I tell you they are feeding you with some positive force to lift you from weight of the present pain. Do you know why you have dreams and desires? It’s because there are possibilities of great things head of you. Your dreams act as a light to lead you out of the gloominess of the present. And the wonderful thing about dreams is that you have total control over them.

Remember, regardless of what has caused you pain or heartache; be it health issues, relationship challenges, financial difficulties, self-doubts etc.; know that you can have a better tomorrow starting right now! Create the future you want and start living in it; soon your realities will match up. You are living to win and win you will!

Wishing you the best of a fruitful and fulfilling year and life ahead!


There’s a more fulfilling life for you out there; reach for it.


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