Feelings of insecurity and inadequacy are two main reasons why most people feel unworthy. When you don’t believe you have what it takes to be a person of worth, then life really becomes drudgery. But do you know that you are created complete and competent? You were born with qualities and, permit me to say, into circumstances that would engender the expression of your uniqueness.

You have no reason to feel insecure because you are and have enough for what your life really requires to be fulfilling and to accomplish your own purpose in life. And this is what we really need to understand. Each individual life is unique and so is each Best of Meperson’s life purpose. Therefore we don’t need to have what others have because we are not called to do what they are doing. You are meant to be yourself and yourself alone. You are meant to give of what you have, not what others have, and so basically, you are complete and competent for your own unique life path.

Feelings of inadequacy and insecurity come not because we are destitute of resources but because we don’t know who we are, what we have and most importantly what really matters for us. If you are looking to me to give you something, there’s just no way you’ll be expecting me to give you something out of another person’s pocket. But do you know that’s the way many of us carry on with our lives.  We continue to wish we could dip into the resources, abilities and experiences of others to have a fulfilling life, while ignoring the greatness we carry within.

It is the misplacement of our priorities as well as inappropriate comparisons with others that really breed unhealthy self concepts. A great way to imbibe these self liberating truths is to always acknowledge that you are valuable and you have valuables to give. competencequotes By doing this, you get to always watch out for the commendable things about yourself and before you know it, as you start with the obvious qualities, the ones you had overlooked or disapproved of will begin to take on some worth. This will happen not because you changed as a person but because you began to look at yourself in a positive light.

With this in mind, know that for every one you admire out there, it’s because they are doing something meaningful with what they have. And so let the works of others encourage and inspire you about what you also have to contribute. Believe me; every individual has something valuable and useful to give. And that includes you! You are not inadequate and insecure; because you really have what it takes, you are complete and competent!


  1. This is a wonderful piece. If people can just believe in themselves. Many worry about what others will say or think, if they are good enough or not. They forget to allow others to feel the same way, so they put all the load on themselves. I’m complete and Competent. If I’m not, who is?


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