Loneliness – Full&Free Affirmations

Do you feel isolated and invisible? Do you desire more out of life but you feel you can’t connect with anyone on a deeper level?

There are times we find ourselves alone but it doesn’t make life seem empty. When being alone results in overwhelming sadness and despair, it means there’s a problem. This is often as a result of  poor state of mind rather than what is happening around us.

The affirmations below will be helpful in getting a more productive perspective.

  • I am not alone because God is with me all the time. He has promised never to leave me nor forsake me.
  • Even if my closest friends leave me, I will not be bothered because God will take care of me.
  • God places isolated people in families. There are people that I can share my life with and I trust God to help me to make those connections.
  • I can and will have friends because I will be friendly with others.
  • When some doors close,  I won’t be distraught because it means more meaningful ones are opening to me.
  • I look forward to a great future because that is the plan God has for me.
  • I am valuable, I have a great life to share with others, and so I’m expectant about fulfilling relationships.
  • God accepts me always. And so, regardless of past experiences I am confident I am not only loved, I am lovable.
  • I choose to have a great and happy life. I refuse to feel abandoned. I may spend time alone but I’m never alone.

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*The content of this blog is for enlightenment and encouragement purposes only. Please contact a health professional for diagnosis and therapy.

You can reach me through my social media platforms : Tiwa Soriyan / @fullandfree. Follow me for daily insight and inspiration for a more fulfilling life.

Best Wishes


…….because everyone deserves a fulfilling life!


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