Avoiding Disappointments…

Avoiding disappointments….🤔🤔🤔(Prov24:3)

Be careful of your expectations of people. A good number of relationships are suffering from the outcomes of faulty expectations. It’s not that what one party desires is out of place but the possibility that the other party is lacking or ignorant of the skills to meet that desire.

We grow up with some form of modeling from caregivers; we also learn from our environment values and ideas that may not necessarily align with family norms. These shape our perspective and subconscious beliefs about our roles, responsibilities, and even capabilities.

Sometimes, we just assume we can do things because we’ve seen others do them or because we’ve been socialized to see them as acceptable and expected, yet it doesn’t mean we are equipped with the skills to perform.

And so before you get so crushed by how another fails you, set yourself free by acknowledging that you fall short also. This is not to deprive you of justice but rather to help you to be fair to yourself as well. Do not uphold an unnecessary barrier to your peace of mind because people are made up of many parts that they themselves are unaware of.

It’s not that you shouldn’t have needs or desires but that you don’t have wrongly placed expectations, knowing that knowledge is not necessarily know-how. Therefore, it will be wise to know what is possible before you set your expectations.

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