Loving yourself….

Loving yourself!!! 😍😍(Prov 14:10)

Yes, it’s mothers day. And happy mothers day but have you been taking care of you? If you haven’t been doing this, then you have been shortchanging yourself. No one knows you like you do, no matter how much they love you. Only you know your real heart desires so only you can really make room for it. Invest in the things that give you joy, refrain from the things that give you stress. This is what is called self care. No one else can do it for you.

We are unique beings, there will always be a part of you that no one else will get. There’s a part of you that only you and God know about. There will be that gap that no human can meet. It comes from acknowledging the value God has imbued in you. The satisfaction of knowing that you are because He is. Hug yourself, appreciate your worthiness. If you will, do or get things that acknowledge the milestones in your life journey.

Some of you need to learn to shut the door to things that pollute your joy. No matter how much you keep adding stuff, they won’t take out the poison. That’s why some of you keep chasing after the materials but that’s not where the solution is, you need to expunge the poison and barricade the negatives.

While we appreciate what others do for us, the way we treat ourselves will yield the deepest satisfaction.
Bottom point: you are worthy, you have always been, and you will always be. So treat yourself so.❤️

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